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8th December, 2010

12:10 am - Wow.
Hey. I'm like 21 years old already.
My previous entry was 13 months ago!

Just to update, I'm feeling pretty down, but this year there has been so many highlights.

Jan & Feb 2010 - I had worked for a very challenging studio and left there. It was definitely a bad start to a new year, but having left there, it's the most relieved feeling I've ever felt. Therefore, it is a highlight.
I also joined Floorthelove with Regina. We managed to win the round against one of the Korean teams. Didn't feel really good, but it was a debut freestyle battle... so definitely a highlight.
March & April 2010 - I found a new crew, Raw Street Code a.k.a Deep Ft =) I enjoyed working with them, got to know Jasmine Yap, MEOW, Xiaomei and Bev like sisters. We chiong for Singapore Dance Delight vol.1 and got ourselves to the finals. It was major.
In March 2010 also, I also had the chance to go Taiwan for dance/work. It was bittersweet experience. I finally got to go further than Malaysia.
In May and June 2010, we celebrated Bev and MEOW's birthdays at Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts' World Sentosa. It was very memorable, we got to play Wii, got to know Robin and SP friends more. End of May, I joined a Kpop Talent Competition with Evelyn, we got to Top 16 out of the 100 odds auditionees. Phiz and Amsyar auditioned too. It was so fun. And at the same time, in mid-June, Recognize! Studios was launched unofficially. I had my first trial open class then, a number of ppl turned up. I was really happy to get to share my style of dance with ppl I don't know. =)
In July, Recognize! Studios officially had a grand opening, I had a great time rehearsing for the show. Got to know Radikal Force and Styles from Beyond members better. It was good.
August 2010 was a whole month of Ramadhan... very unforgettable month indeed. Almost sahur @ Cuppage after L4D2 and buka with the Recognize! gang. Went to Geylang and the end of month and stuff.
September 2010, I joined Suntec Dance Competition as a soloist... manage to get to the finals. It clashed with Hari Raya. This is really a highlight. Go through it tgt with Ashley and Tina, enduring so many challenges. It all paid off.
in October 2010, I officially turned 21. I got a lot of cakes and significant present. =)
November 2010 marked my Recital Debut and my first-time joining a Kpop competition with Ashley, Phiz and Amsyar as 4-dimensional. This month, many ppl saw the girl in me. In Recital 2010, I was in Hua's Item. Feedback said that I looked hot and sexy when I danced the item, when actually I thought I was suppose to look cool and handsome. We won many ppl's hearts in the Kpop competition but didn't clinch the championship. Was pretty down about it but life needs to move on.
Now it's December, there'll be FB production and it's the month to wrap up all positive and negative things before starting afresh in the new year.

I need to start 2011 with a great big positive impact.
Till next year.
- Arjuna

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